In this extremely difficult time for our country, each of us chooses his way: someone defends his homeland in arms, someone helps to ensure the needs of soldiers or helps the refugees, someone passively watches. Everyone is free in his choice, and this is also an achievement of the REVOLUTION OF DIGNITY.

As you read this page, you are caring person and you root for our country.

We created this non-governmental organization (NGO) and this site so that you got legitimate, transparent and effective tool to assist Ukraine in its choice: militaries, wounded, children, immigrants, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, museums, and others.

Together with us You can:
A) Provide assistance (money, property, services, etc.) to the NGO or directly in project chosen by you (targeted assistance);
B) Share of our project with your friends;
C) actively participate in the activities of our NGO as a volunteer, a member of the NGO or its employees.

According to the statute of NGO, membrship in the NGO allows you to participate in public life and activities of the NGO.

Moreover, membership in NGO provides an opportunity to establish (create) your own PROJECT , which you will coordinate yourself, if you wish. You, as coordinator of NGO, will be given the necessary powers and tools for your effective business. In turn, the NGO will require from you timely complete reporting of all activities and first of all – financial statements (rules and reporting forms are provided to the coordinator).

To become a member of the NGO, you need:
1. Reach the age of 14 years;
2. Register on the NGO’s site –; – (Recommended);
3. Read and accept the terms:

4. Submit the application form and the form of desire of membership in NGO (personally or by electronic means on;
5. Pay the entrance fee to the bank account of NGO in amount specified in Annex 1 of the “Regulations on membership fees” (in 2015 – 10 UAH);
6. Pay membership fees for the current and the next, at least one, month to the bank account of NGO in amount specified in Annex 1 of the “Regulations on membership fees” (in 2015 – 10 UAH/Month);

Member of the NGO is entitled to receive a membership card, for which you need to submit to the Secretariat (personally or by electronic means on a statement of arbitrary shape and your photo (W x H = 3×4) in digital form on electronic media.