Mission: To spread awareness of the need for charity and protection of human rights.

Vision: Our organization is a link between active people, who care and those, who is in need of vital assistance. The organization is a legal “platform” for those people who want to implement their good intentions into concrete results and thereby, changing the future and causing a chain reaction that significantly improves the lives of millions of people in Ukraine and around the world.

Basic vector of the assistanceaid to victims of hostilities in the east of Ukraine, primarily, children, social rehabilitation and adaptation to new realities, distribution of humanitarian aid among the victims.

Concept of the organization:The activity of the NGO All-Ukrainian Association “Ukrainian frontiers” is aimed at changing of attitude towards people who are in difficult circumstances, creating opportunities for programs of assistance and support, explaining and teaching standards of care, teaching people to know and defend their rights and the rights of others. “Ukrainian frontiers” is not political, corporate or religious organization, nor promotes any of them. The concept of the organization – “Good always comes back even more good“, that is to participate in the projects of “Ukrainian frontiers” can any person regardless of financial status, ethnicity and other differences. NGO “Ukrainian frontiers” focuses its assistance on helping the most needy people, especially children.

Tasks of the organization:

  • Implementation of charity programs aimed at financial, social support, assistance to victims by fighting in the east of Ukraine;
  • Organization and holding of the shares to attract donations of individuals and legal entities in Ukraine and abroad needed to implement assistance programs;
  • Provision of social, legal and psychological support to victims by fighting in the east of Ukraine;
  • Engaging to charitable activities a growing number of volunteers, contributing the implementation of programs of support and assistance, their ongoing training and improvement;
  • Promoting the business image of public and private entities that provide grant aid;
  • Promotion of corporate forms of charity.

To implement its goals, the organization as prescribed by law:

  • Freely disseminates information on its activities;
  • Elaborates programs of assistance, support and carries out humanitarian activities;
  • Organizes provision of various assistance and support to those who need it;
  • Contributes to draw attention to the problems of people in difficulty;
  • Organizes business meetings, round tables, workshops, seminars, conferences on the subject of the organization;
  • Interacts with Ukrainian and international humanitarian organizations.