In 2017, the “Ukrainian boundaries” opened new separate subdivisions in Severodonetsk, Zolotoy, Toshkovka in the Lugansk region.

During the year 2017, the following projects were implemented.

“Emergency humanitarian assistance to the civilian population of Avdeevka”

February 2017

Donors – CF “Nova Ukraine”, USA, fundraising

All employees participated in the project on a volunteer basis

Geography of the project: Avdeevka and villages: Lastochkino, Umanskoe, Veselye, Orlovka Donetsk region.

Beneficiaries of the project: children with special needs, residents of the most affected and inaccessible areas, the affected local population and IDPs.

 At the end of January and beginning of February, Adeevka, a settlements adjacent to the contact line in the Donetsk region, was subjected to massive shelling from artillery and multiple rocket fire systems. Dwelling houses, schools, medical institutions were destroyed. Avdeevka remained, without water, heat, electricity. The humanitarian situation deteriorated rapidly due to the fact that the firing points did not stop, and the points of delivery of assistance, one of the employees of its assistants were lost.

Express research needs, with the involvement of local volunteers, showed that the greatest needs in Primus stoves, working on liquid fuels, polyethylene film, warm clothes, food.

A separate subdivision of UAU NGO «Ukrainian frontiers» in Kharkov (AСCentr) organized an urgent fund-raising for the victims.

The call for help was responded by partners from the USA: CF “Nova Ukraine”, who urgently transferred $ 1 000 to the account.

There was also assistance from private donors, both financial and in kind. According to rough estimates for a total amount of about $ 1 000.

This made it possible to carry out urgent necessary purchases and organize three trips to distribute assistance and provide psychological assistance to the affected population.

In general, the affected households received:

Primus – 100 pcs.

Polyethylene film – 1200 square meters

Bread – 100 loaves of bread

Sets of products and hygiene (cereals, canned food, sunflower oil, detergents, diapers) – 300 pcs.

The distribution of warm clothes was carried out constantly.

Since several humanitarian organizations have already worked in Avdeevka itself, volunteers from the Ukrainian Frontier Volunteers have concentrated their efforts on reaching remote villages in which no one provided assistance.

In addition, the assistance was delivered to the Avdeevsky boarding school, which has already received support from the UAU NGO «Ukrainian frontiers» several times.

In connection with the cessation of massive shelling, stabilization of the situation and launch of life support systems, the project was completed, a report prepared and sent to donors.


“Promotion of adaptation, integration into local communities and development of creative abilities of children and their carers in the Family Support Centers in Kharkiv, Izium and Svyatogorsk “

Donor – UNICEF

Project terms – February 1 – October 31, 2017

Total budget of the project – 2 145 000 UAH.

Of these, UNICEF was given UAH 1 920 000.

During the project implementation, the following results were achieved.

Program task 1.

At least 6,000 girls, boys and their carers in three family support centers for 9 months receive free information, legal services and advice on social issues, prevention services and / or information required.

The following indicators were achieved.

Number of beneficiaries receiving information support and psychosocial assistance in any form in three Family Support Centers

Unique beneficiaries – 6 056 people;

New beneficiaries – 1,062 people;

Total visits – 25 716.

The number of children and adults who systematically visited educational and cultural activities of the DPS: lectures, trainings, classes:

Unique beneficiaries – 5,692 people;

New beneficiaries – 646 people;

Total visits – 16,926.

Number of children and adults who will receive monthly knowledge on important issues of protection and security, including about mine danger, rules of proper hygiene, a healthy lifestyle, as well as ways to avoid violence:

Unique beneficiaries – 1,191 people;

New beneficiaries – 309 people;

Total visits – 3,697.

Number of participants and visitors of mass events, namely, children’s festivals, festivals, excursions in theaters and museums organized by the Centers – 1,721 people (898 children and 820 adults)

Program 2:

At least 1,000 residents of the gray zone received psychosocial support through mobile coverage; at least 1,500 children from these communities will attend educational and cultural events.

The following indicators were achieved.

Number of inhabitants – the IDPs and the local population – in the “gray zone” Donetsk and Lugansk regions near the boundary line of the conflict, have received psychological, social and informational support:

Unique beneficiaries – 2 439 people;

New beneficiaries – 2 439 people;

Total visits – 3,865.

The number of on-site group psychological trainings conducted:

121 psychological training.

Number of individual consultations on psychological, social, legal issues: 175 consultations.

The number of creative workshops for children or children’s development classes, celebrations, etc.: 147 events.

The number of children who received educational and cultural support through thematic holidays, games, classes and master classes: 1,309 people (824 girls and 794 boys)

Number of families who received humanitarian assistance in the form of school supplies, clothing, necessary things:

637 people.

Problems / difficulties encountered during the project implementation period:

During the project period we worked in a well-tuned rhythm. We have formed a constant circle of visitors coming to different classes of Family Support Centers. We facilitate the establishment of strong friendly relations between the local community and IDPs, enhance the competitiveness of IDPs in the labor market, develop creative abilities of children and adolescents.

As for the second part of the project – “Psychosocial support residents gray area by visiting teams,” we saw one exit mobile team in a month is not enough. In towns “gray zone” difficult situation of the psychological state of people, frequent cases of domestic violence in families, we need purposeful work in this direction – training methodology ICDP more.

Our Family Support Centers do not stop, but prolong their work on a voluntary basis. We are looking for donors to make this work more stable, developed and effective.


«Winter educational-adaptation cinema-camp for teenagers 2018»

The «Winter educational-adaptation cinema-camp for teenagers» from the territory adjoining to the contact line» project was implemented between November 2016 and January 2017 and funded by the Austrian Embassy in Ukraine. The project was carried out by a separate subdivision of “Ukrainian Frontiers” in Kharkiv (ACCenter).

In November and December 2016, ACCENT staff completed the following preparatory work for the project.

  1. A competition for beneficiaries in the “Winter film school” ACCenter was announced and held, as a result of which 4 teams of children and teenagers from Gorsky, Toshkovka-1, Severodonetsk of Luhansk region and Krivaia Luka of Donetsk region were selected.
  2. A hotel was found and booked for the residents of the project – children and adults accompanying, a preliminary payment was made. (“Apartment 22” at the address Kharkov, Moscow Avenue, 36).
  3. Preliminary payment was made for the lunches of the project beneficiaries at the “Liverpool” restaurant.
  4. The premises for classes were rented.
  5. Teachers of the film school wrote a plan of classes and made presentations. Also an agreement was reached with the Opera Theater, guides, leading master classes on the organization of evening entertainment for children and adolescents.
  6. The necessary equipment was purchased: 4 cameras for 4 groups of beneficiaries, a bracket with a mount for the projector.
  7. Products for breakfasts and dinners of beneficiaries, as well as products for coffee breaks during classes were bought and delivered to the hotel.

January 3, 2017 in the morning came the project beneficiaries (18 children and 4 adults from 4 settlements of Lugansk and Donetsk regions), the opening of the “Winter Film School” was held. From January 3 to 9, classes were held.

Several videos and photos covering the course of the project were shot:

The rollers are assembled by Kharkov teenagers, pupils of the Film Center of the ACCenter. They, along with adult teachers of the film school, transfer knowledge to their peers from Lugansk and Donetsk region. This is a very interesting experience – for those, and for others.

On January 9, the beneficiaries went home.

All beneficiaries are compensated for travel.

The opening of the project was covered in the media


“Provision of psychosocial support to the affected population of Balakleya and the settlements of the Balakley region affected by the fire at the ammunition depot in 2017”.

Donor – UNICEF

Partner – Kiev-Mohyla Academy

March 3, 2017 near the city of Balakleya, the district center of the Kharkov region, a fire broke out at the ammunition depot. He was accompanied by powerful explosions. There was a product of the evacuation of the population of the adjacent territories.

In the 10-kilometer zone of defeat were 36 thousand people, five houses in Balakley were destroyed, more than 300 – damaged. On March 24, most of the evacuated residents of Balakleya returned home.

Immediately the psychologists of the Center went to the place to assess the condition of the affected population and provide psychological assistance.

In April-May 2017, with the support of UNICEF, a project was implemented to provide psychosocial support to the local population.

In the course of the project, two teams of psychologists were created, it was formed by psychologists and specialists from the ACCenter (a separate subdivision of the UAU NGO «Ukrainian frontiers» in Kharkov), and specialists from the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy were invited to the second.

All mobile teams were based in Kharkov and provided psychosocial assistance in schools and kindergartens of Balakleya by field trips.

The mobile team of the ACCenter was composed of 2 psychologists, 2 art therapists and gaming equipment worked with children and teachers for 6 hours in the following institutions:

Balakley Preschool Educational Institution No. 1 “Firefly”

Balakley Preschool Educational Institution No. 4,

Andreevka comprehensive school I-III steps number 1,

Andreevka comprehensive school I-III steps number 2,

Prishibsky educational and training complex,

Yakovenkovka secondary school,

Balakley Preschool Educational Institution № 10.

Objective: To eliminate the psychological consequences of trauma in children and teachers in the educational institutions of Balakley town and Balakley district by conducting art-therapeutic master classes, developing games and psychological trainings and consultations.

A number of activities were carried out (psychological trainings, trainings on clay, master classes on Petrikovskaya painting and making dolls-motanka, games, individual consultations). Children were given T-shirts and notebooks from UNICEF and humanitarian aid in the form of books, prescriptions, handouts. Visits were carried out twice a week for two months.

The mobile brigade of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, consisting of 5 people (4 psychologist trainers and 1 driver), traveled twice a week to conduct trainings with teachers of the pedagogical college and 6 general education schools and suburban villages of Balakleya, preschool teachers.

The goal is to reduce stressful reactions and reactions, help in using the skills and tools of the work that they were trained earlier in training on psychosocial support.

Once in two weeks, trainings were held for parents of pupils and inmates of pre-school institutions in order to get acquainted with the methods of conducting developmental activities for children.

Supervision meetings were held for teachers and psychologists to support the results and correct the psychoemotional state.

Trainings and supervisory meetings took place at the bases

Balakley Secondary School I-III levels number 2,

Balakley Secondary School I-III levels number 6,

Balakley Secondary School I-III levels number 3,

Verbovskiy pre-school educational institution,

Yakovenkiv Secondary school I-III levels,

Novogusarovsky educational and training complex,

Gusar Secondary school I-III levels,

Balakley branch of the communal institution “Kharkov humanitarian-pedagogical academy”

During the visits, such categories of the population were covered:

– students and pupils;

– administration;

– education staff and other staff;

– parents and guardians;

– practical psychologists

In total, during the 2-month project, 2,215 beneficiaries received psychosocial support and support in the Balakley region, including 1,301 children and 1,312 adults (teachers, parents, psychologists, and administration) during the 2-month project.


«Deers of St. Nicholas 2018»

The project was implemented from November 2017 to January 2018.

All funds for the project are obtained through fundraising.

The project staff worked as volunteers.

Geography of the project:

Settlements of Luhansk and the north of the Donetsk region, adjacent to the contact line.

The aim of the project was psychosocial and humanitarian support for children living in the territory, which is constantly threatened with shelling.

Were collected letters of children, which they wrote to St. Nicholas with wishes of gifts for Christmas. After this letter they were published, and the collection of gifts and funds for their purchase began. Each potential donor had the opportunity to help address a specific child, or contribute in any form. Gifts were sorted, packaged, delivered to the distribution point and handed to the beneficiaries.

In addition, in each location, specialists and volunteers organized theater performances for children.

1630 letters were received from children living along the contact line. They were digitized, compiled “Table of children’s desires,” a link to it is published on the project page on the Internet.

We were sent to us 1475 address gifts, and another 155 were purchased for the money that was received by the card, into the account, received in cash.

More than 300 parcels and deliveries were received by “Nova Poshta” from 49 cities and towns in Ukraine, Canada, the USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, Israel, Mexico and Monaco.

The project team searched, until it found, every missing gift before every departure – no matter how unusual it may be. You can recall the Japanese and American sweets, the flag of Germany, a green fitting dress for a 12-year-old girl with an unknown size, a cuckoo clock … Jack Sparrow’s figurine was never found. Replaced the pirate ship with pirate figures.

Guaranteed children did not get only gyroskutery and iPhones. Everything else, even the most incredible, was sent to us!

On the Card of Privatbank 4149 4378 5177 2507 and to the account of the UAU NGO «Ukrainian frontiers» for these 2 months 192 791 UAH came. Another 57 000 UAH were given us cash.

During the project the “Deers” made 5 trips to 22 settlements on 3 machines each time. The fuel consumed 29 009 UAH. Another 3180 UAH was spent on urgent repairs of cars.

To buy gifts (toys, sports equipment, fruits and sweets), we spent 160 969 UAH. About 6 000 UAH went to logistics costs. The rent of the project office and utility payments for December was covered. We have 27 000 UAH left, with the consent of the donors, the remaining funds will be spent to support the Office of the Center in January and February and the trip of mobile psychosocial support teams to the settlements adjacent to the contact line.

Special thanks to:

Sapronov Yuri, thanks to your post to help the Deers wanted a lot of new people! Thank you!

Alesya Skalozub, You are a deer legend, because you did what we ourselves did not believe!

Anna Gordievskaya, we are grateful to you, like 40 children who received wonderful gifts from your family!

Thanks to Mykhaylo Kobtsev and the whole team for sweet gifts and help in delivery!

Thanks to the new Deer who drove with us on their cars loaded with gifts to the children through all roadblocks, night, bad weather -Dominique Rouvinet, Andrei Polishop, Vadim Farion, Elena Shvydkaya

CF “Kharkiv with you” – you have once again proved to be real friends!

Thanks to the brave girls-photographers who captured the result – the glorious happy faces of children: Alena Grom (Deer Thunder!) And Anna Gin.

Andrey Volokita and Anna and Rudolf Gelfand, Irina and Konstantin Spita, Anastasia and Vitaliy Rutus, Marichka Kolomiiets, Vladimir Tsoi, Taras Reika,

MobyDev, Playtech Kiev, Videal, Київміськбуд, Naftogaz Ukraine – Naftogaz, Ranok Corporation, Ranok Kreativ, NIX Solutions Ltd, Formula Estate, Limited Liability Company, TOKA Ukraine, Gymnasium “Ochag”, School No. 2, boarding school “Dyvosvit” and many-many-many others – many thanks !